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Area Rug Cleaning and Care Tips and Products

Rug Pad

Jaffe Rugs provides different types of Rug Pads for your new rug purchase. All of our pads are natural, non-skid and can be fitted to every rug. Our rug pads will not stain your floor and will ensure the placement of the rug to guarantee minimal damage to your rug.

Cleaning Tips

We have provided helpful hints and tips below for caring for your rug and cleaning any small messes that may occur. We strongly recommend that you immediately call one of our associates to schedule a pick-up for proper cleaning of your rug. Jaffe Rug Gallery is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your rug from self-cleaning. These tips are to be utilized at your discretion. Contact us at (904) 730-2121 for immediate assistance regarding your rug.


Click here to download a PDF version of our helpful hints on cleaning and caring for your rug.

Jaffe Rugs recommends that you regularly have your rugs cleaned every three years. This not only helps sustain your rug’s elegance by a thorough inspection but it prevents future damage that may occur to your rug.


We offer the pick-up, delivery and furniture moving required to attain your rug. Two types of cleanings are available at your request: Regular Wash and Enzyme Wash. Our Enzyme Wash is a thorough wash that removes per stains and acid-based spills.

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